About Us

The Israel Communication Association (IsCA) is the professional organization of media and communication scholars in Israel. IsCA, established in 1995, is a registered non-governmental association (NGO). Being the only organization of its kind in Israel, IsCA incorporates some 200 researchers and lecturers affiliated with universities and colleges around the country. IsCA aims to advance the scholarly study of communication and its interrelated disciplines by encouraging and facilitating excellence in academic research and teaching. IsCA also endeavors to promote a wide and democratic public discourse about media and communication. IsCA members study, research, and teach a wide array of topics: politics, culture, language, sport, security, education, advertising, marketing, regulation, gender, minority groups and the like.

IsCA is led by a six-member board and a chairperson elected by the general assembly. Two groups operate under the IsCA umbrella: Community of Graduate Students and Community of Media Literacy.

IsCA holds an annual conference and publishes Media Frames: An Israeli Journal of Communication, which is published bi-annually on diverse theoretical and practical aspects of communication and media in Israel. The journal is available on-line to all.

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